Help and support during one of life's most difficult times
Norwegian (Bokmål) 
Help and support during one of life's most difficult times
Norwegian (Bokmål) 

Practical questions

Practical questions that must be clarified in connection with the funeral:

Religious or civic funeral?

If you would like to have a civic funeral that is not led by a minister from the local church, then another person must be selected to officiate the ceremony. The ceremony needs to be arranged together with the officiant. We can help you with more information about this.

Casket or cremation?

If the deceased has not left any instructions as to their preference for a casket or cremation, then the next of kin must make this choice. It might be necessary to submit an application for cremation. The funeral home can help you with this. 

Advertising the funeral or keeping things private?

The next of kin are free to choose whether to advertise funeral or not.

Some choose to let the funeral take place in private, with only the close relatives present. There are some cases where this may be the appropriate choice.

In most cases, however, the funeral is announced in advance and open to all, to allow everyone to work through their grief. Having people outside your immediate circle attend the funeral helps you deal with the grief. Another factor to consider is that others may need to attend the funeral and feel that they have participated in order to feel that they have honored the deceased.

The obituary should be published as soon as time and place of the funeral is set. We can help you to create and formulate the content.
We have headstones, monuments, or gravestones on display at our Åsen location.
Choosing a headstone

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Hviding Begravelsesbyrå (funeral home) has branches in Stavanger and Tau. We organize funerals and burials in municipalities including: Stavanger, Sandnes, Sola, Randaberg, Kvitsøy,  Klepp, Time, Gjesdal, Rennesøy, Finnøy, Strand, Hjelmeland, and Forsand.