Help and support during one of life's most difficult times
Norwegian (Bokmål) 
Help and support during one of life's most difficult times
Norwegian (Bokmål) 

Experiencing a loss

What should I do? How will I get through this? There are many questions you are probably asking yourself. Here are six points that can help to guide you through the practical parts of this difficult time.

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If the deceased have not expressed special wishes for the funeral, the next of kin decide details of the funeral.

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Most people appreciate having a grave to visit, especially on anniversaries and holidays. A gravesite helps friends and family through the grieving process.

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Grief is a natural reaction when you've lost someone close to you. The grieving process is necessary to be able to say goodbye to someone who has been part of our lives and our own identity.

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Anyone who wants to honor and commemorate a family member or a friend has the chance to do so in our obituaries. Its possible to allow visitors to the page to write a message, light a candle, or give a gift. If the family would like to, they can also add personal memories in the form of text, pictures, movies, or links. Practical information about the funeral is also on the obituary page.

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We who work in Hviding funeral home in Stavanger, and Ryfylke funeral home in Tau, would like to express our sympathy if you have lost someone close to you. We are here to help and support you during this difficult time.
We have headstones, monuments, or gravestones on display at our Åsen location.
Choosing a headstone

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:00 - 15:00
Late opening hours every Thursday: 15:00 - 18:00

Emergency 24 hour phone contact: +47 51 82 00 50
Vi som arbeider i Hviding begravelsesbyrå i Stavanger  og Ryfylke begravelsesbyrå på Jørpeland vil gjerne utrykke vår medfølelse hvis du har mistet noen som sto deg nær. Vi har et ønske om å være til hjelp og støtte i en av livets tyngste stunder. 
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Hviding Begravelsesbyrå (funeral home) has branches in Stavanger and Tau. We organize funerals and burials in municipalities including: Stavanger, Sandnes, Sola, Randaberg, Kvitsøy,  Klepp, Time, Gjesdal, Rennesøy, Finnøy, Strand, Hjelmeland, and Forsand.


Hviding Begravelsesbyrå
Auglendsmyrå 7
4016 Stavanger, Norway
Telephone: 51 82 00 50
Ryfylke Begravelsesbyrå 
Strand og Ryfylke Begravelsesbyrå 

Ryfylkeveien 1986
4120 Tau, Norway
Telephone: 51 74 87 00