Help and support during one of life's most difficult times
Norwegian (Bokmål) 
Help and support during one of life's most difficult times
Norwegian (Bokmål) 


Cremation is a good alternative to casket funeral. Any wishes from deceased should of course be taken into account, otherwise the bereaved are free to choose what feels right for them. 

Burial of the urn with cremation

With cremation, the urn is usually set down in burial within the next few weeks following the funeral, and no later than six months afterwards. Hviding funeral home can assist with selection of an urn and burial. If desired, a priest can be present at the burial. Relatives can choose whether they want to be present at the urn burial or whether this should be done "in silence". It may not be possible to bury the urn when there is frost on the ground. 

Spreading the ashes

It is only in recent years that ash spreading has become lawful in Norway (funeral law of 1996). Ash spreading has been common in many other countries, but it is still a relatively restricted practiced in Norway.

A crucial point is that the deceased must have written a statement that this was their wish. Funeral Law § 20, "Private burial and scattering of ashes" states that:

"In special cases, the county governor may grant permission for an individual burry the ashes outside a cemetery at a suitable location. The county governor may impose conditions on the permit. When there is a signed and dated statement about burial from someone who is over 15 years, the county governor can grant permission for the person in charge of the burial to spread the ashes. The county governor may impose conditions on the permit. In this type of funeral, the church is not required to participate."

See also "Law on cemeteries, cremation and funeral"
(Hviding funeral home is not responsible for any inaccuracies in this source).

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Most people appreciate having a grave to visit, especially on anniversaries and holidays. A gravesite helps friends and family through the grieving process.

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Most like to have a grave stone or other memorial placed on their grave, though this is not required. If the deceased is buried in a family grave, their name is usually added to the existing memorial.

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We have headstones, monuments, or gravestones on display at our Åsen location.
Choosing a headstone

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